Rental Library T&C

Game Chest Rental Library
Terms and Conditions

By renting from Game Chest, LLC you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Cost of rentals:

$5 for 3 Nights. – $5 for each additional 3 nights.

Try Before You Buy Policy:

If you love the game you rent and you choose to buy or order it from us, your $5 rental fee will be applied to the game. (only the first $5 applies)

Covid-19 Policy:

All returned games will be put into quarantine for at least 3 nights. If someone in your household has tested positive while you are in possession of a rental game, please contact us immediately.


Payment for the first night is due at pick up. All subsequent nights will be charged at the return of the game and any damages assessed will be charged when the game has been checked back into our Library.

Business Hours and Game Rental:

Days are measured by our posted Close of Business. As we are closed all day Monday and Tuesday do not open until 3:00 pm Wednesday, any game Due Back Monday or Tuesday will be expected to be returned Wednesday.  

All games must be returned no later than the 15th day of renting. If this day falls on a Monday or Tuesday, the game will be extended to Close of Business Wednesday.

Unreturned Games:

Any game not returned within 15-days will be charged at the full price on the 16th day.  

Unreturned games will also result in termination of rights to rent from and participate in Game Chest events and programs.

Damage & Loss:

If a game you have rented was missing pieces please let us know immediately through email or text. 

Major damages to games will result in replacement fees up to the full price of the item.

All charges mentioned in this document may be waived or reduced at the discretion of Game Chest, LLC.